Microsoft Dev Box vs Github Codespaces

One of the exciting announcements coming out of MS Build 2022 was the Microsoft Dev Box.In an increasingly remote world, where Cloud Computing reigns, it does not make sense anymore to have to own a desktop to be able to perform any intensive development work or have to carry a laptop around that can be... Continue Reading →

A Dream Come True

I still remember when I was around 7 or 8 years old and we managed to get our first PC back in Egypt. It was a used computer running on an Intel Pentium 3 700Mhz, but when the PC eventually booted and I saw the Windows logo for Windows 95 and heard the famous start-up... Continue Reading →

CKA Exam Tips

Introduction As we all are aware, Kubernetes is a rapidly growing product in the DevOps world and it is actually one of the most rare skills out there. Since last year, due to exposure to AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), I wanted to get certified in Kubernetes by getting the CKA certification to be able to... Continue Reading →

Selenium Testing through Azure DevOps

UI testing is an essential component in a Software Development lifecycle and Selenium is one of the tools that help you achieve that. In this post, we will talk about triggering your selenium scripts through Azure DevOps and how you can make your UI tests part of your release pipeline. This blog post will mostly... Continue Reading →

The DevOps journey

I have been working for several years with different customers looking to transform their digital strategy and adopt the correct DevOps mindset. If you ask me what is the single one thing that stands out, I would say that just like anything else worthwhile, it is not about the end-goal but it is about the... Continue Reading →

Shifting Left on Security and Veracode

Introduction Shifting Left on security has been the main focus for lots of Elite DevOps organizations. But what does shifting on security mean? In a traditional software organization, the developers develop their code, deploy to production and then the security analysts come in and run all the scans they need to run to make sure... Continue Reading →

Azure DevOps: A Consultant’s Swiss Army Knife

As an Azure Consultant whose goal is to deliver solutions by following the DevOps methodology, Azure DevOps is the starting and closing point when it comes to my engagements with different customers. As Donovan Brown says, “DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” As we... Continue Reading →

MFA with Free Azure AD

MFA (Multi-factor authentication) has become a required security measure with regards to work and personal accounts. In this quick article, I talk about "Security Defaults" which give you the option to enable MFA on Azure but with quite a few limitations. There is a misconception that within Azure, You need to purchase an Azure AD... Continue Reading →

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