Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, a Sneak Peak!

Cloud Computing, We are moving to the Cloud, Cloud is the next big thing, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, BlueMix …….

If you are someone in the tech industry or someone passionate about it, you must have been hearing similar terms and statements a lot recently. Maybe like me (a few years back), you think you know what everyone means by ” the cloud” but you didn’t actually ever get a chance to see it in action or play around with it.

In this simple blog, instead of going into boring details of what the Cloud is, I will give you a sneak peak into two major Cloud services, AWS and Microsoft Azure by showing you the initial interface that you see when you create an account for yourself. You can create a free AWS account and also an Azure account ( you can receive up to 250$ free credit to spend in the Cloud) to test and develop. I won’t be sharing the set-up details with you today but the links are pasted below also please feel free to search for it ( or as I would like to say BING it!!).

Amazon Web Services


What you see above is the main interface for AWS. After creating your AWS account and launching your portal, this is the page that will greet you.
You can see the services that AWS offers such as launching a virtual machine or building a web app with the estimated time it will take to complete the deployment.


Microsoft Azure


What you see above is the main interface for Microsoft Azure after launching the portal.
You can see the different services provided on the left while you can see your resources or your deployments in the middle.
Personally I find the Azure interface very interesting and easy to work with, I was caught off-guard the first time I launched it, I was expecting an interface similar to AWS where you can just add the services you need through a web page and then login into them (virtual machines and such), but this was a pleasant surprise.

Well, that is it for now, you have now managed to take a sneak peak into the Cloud Computing World. I will be adding new blogs related to Azure, so stay tuned ….



Free AWS account:!4422!3!176354211803!e!!g!!aws%20account&ef_id=WNc8igAABS3PzYjn:20170326035906:s

Free Azure account (250$ in credit):


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