Windows PowerShell… What is it? How is it different from Windows Command Prompt?

Ever since Windows 7, you might have noticed a new command-line environment that looks similar to Windows Command Prompt (cmd) but has a blue background, well that is the new Windows PowerShell.


So how is Windows PowerShell different from the Command Prompt?
Well if you ever were involved in a debate about whether Linux or Windows is better, you must have heard about the amazing capabilities of the Linux terminal where scripts can be run and code can be compiled. Well Windows PowerShell is Windows answer to that.

Windows PowerShell is built on the .NET Framework (The juice that runs Windows) enabling it to run scripts unlike cmd. Another one of the features is that Admins can use PowerShell to run administrative tasks on remote computers as well as local ones, a gem for System Administrators of course.

We all know the ipconfig command that can be run on both cmd and Windows PowerShell but with Windows PowerShell, you can export the data that you get and save it to an external text file.

This blog was meant to give you a quick idea about the capabilities of Windows PowerShell, there is still a whole lot more that you can do with it.

I would recommend all of you to start playing around with Windows PowerShell and test its amazing capabilities.





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