Azure DevOps Pipeline

So at Ignite last year, there was a lot of talk about Azure DevOps pipeline. It was my first time at Ignite so I was very busy trying to win a Surface table at Mechanics live or taking pictures with my Microsoft heros and did not get a chance to dive deeper into the Azure DevOps Pipeline.


My first encounter with it came when my colleague Marko was testing it out for a client of ours. The part that blew my mind was that you can of course develop application and put it through the pipeline but that you can add your ARM templates and let Azure DevOps pipeline do the template verification and then the full build for you.


Do you see how crazy this is???? You can leverage Azure DevOps pipeline not just to manage your application but your whole infrastructure from VMs to NSG rules.

Here is an architectural diagram from Microsoft of how you would go ahead implementing that..

2019-02-11 14_57_16-CI_CD for Azure VMs _ Microsoft Azure

2019-02-11 15_03_12-CI_CD for Azure VMs _ Microsoft Azure

I am planning to test this out for myself soon and will be sharing the complete steps in detail here soon.


So stay tuned ….


My Picture with Cory Sanders.



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