Azure Bastion: Setup and Use cases


As of November 4th, Azure Bastion went GA but keep in mind that as of right now, it is only available in 6 Azure regions listed below (the link to get the latest info:

  • West US
  • East US
  • West Europe
  • South Central US
  • Australia East
  • Japan East

What does that mean, it means that your Virtual Network needs to be in the above regions to be able to use Azure Bastion.

Create Azure Bastion

  • Before going ahead and setting up Bastion, you will need to set up a subnet specific for Bastion.
    2019-11-21 16_20_06-Window
  •  Search for Bastion and fill the needed fields, Then Click on Create.2019-11-21 16_21_50-Window
  •  Bastion does not take long and it will be deployed. Now you should be able to connect to your Windows and Linux environments through Bastion ONLY if they are in the same VNET (Peered Networks not supported yet but they are working on it)2019-12-02 15_15_09-Window

My Feedback

As of right now, I am NOT really impressed by Azure Bastion. I feel like it is not really solving any major problems for us and here is why I think so:

I feel that Bastion has the potential to be great, but Microsoft will need to address the missing features above as soon as possible or Customers will not be considering Bastion as a valid solution.


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