ONTechU Azure&DevOps Workshop

Presentation ScreenshotAgain this year, I had the honour and pleasure to give a workshop to 4th-year Software Engineering students at my alma-mater regarding Azure & DevOps. The Slideshow is presented below.

Unfortunately due to the events unfolding right now around the world, this workshop had to be virtual but it was no less fun, I just did not have to warm up my muscles to open the UA building doors at campus (A joke that only ONtechU students will get).

It was a delight talking to the up-and-coming new generation of technical geniuses about the power of Microsoft Azure and how a Cloud journey is not complete without a proper DevOps strategy in-place. We also got to go through the amazing Parts Unlimited demo hosted on azuredevopslabs.som, the students really enjoyed that one.

We also had some great conversation about the effect of the virus on the economy and how we in this industry are lucky enough to not be affected negatively by it and how it is our duty to empower every person and organization to achieve moreĀ especially during this crisis.

I would like to Thank New Signature, Microsoft and Dr.Qusay for giving me this amazing opportunity. Hoping to be back next year again.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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