Selenium Testing through Azure DevOps

UI testing is an essential component in a Software Development lifecycle and Selenium is one of the tools that help you achieve that. In this post, we will talk about triggering your selenium scripts through Azure DevOps and how you can make your UI tests part of your release pipeline. This blog post will mostly... Continue Reading →

The DevOps journey

I have been working for several years with different customers looking to transform their digital strategy and adopt the correct DevOps mindset. If you ask me what is the single one thing that stands out, I would say that just like anything else worthwhile, it is not about the end-goal but it is about the... Continue Reading →

Shifting Left on Security and Veracode

Introduction Shifting Left on security has been the main focus for lots of Elite DevOps organizations. But what does shifting on security mean? In a traditional software organization, the developers develop their code, deploy to production and then the security analysts come in and run all the scans they need to run to make sure... Continue Reading →

Azure DevOps: A Consultant’s Swiss Army Knife

As an Azure Consultant whose goal is to deliver solutions by following the DevOps methodology, Azure DevOps is the starting and closing point when it comes to my engagements with different customers. As Donovan Brown says, “DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.” As we... Continue Reading →

MFA with Free Azure AD

MFA (Multi-factor authentication) has become a required security measure with regards to work and personal accounts. In this quick article, I talk about "Security Defaults" which give you the option to enable MFA on Azure but with quite a few limitations. There is a misconception that within Azure, You need to purchase an Azure AD... Continue Reading →

MSBuild2020: My Thoughts

Since we are now in the era of digital conferences and meetups, Microsoft's popular Build conference turned digital too with the event being free for everyone and the first 1000 registrants getting a sweet Swag box from Microsoft. The keynote by Satya Nadella was as usual on-point with the current situation we are in and... Continue Reading →

ONTechU Azure&DevOps Workshop

Again this year, I had the honour and pleasure to give a workshop to 4th-year Software Engineering students at my alma-mater regarding Azure & DevOps. The Slideshow is presented below. Unfortunately due to the events unfolding right now around the world, this workshop had to be virtual but it was no less fun, I just... Continue Reading →

My WFH Tips

Right after university, I was lucky enough to start working with IBM. Back then, IBM had a very friendly WFH (Work From Home) policy, and although I lived 5 minutes away from the IBM lab (5 minutes walking 🙂 ), I made sure I leveraged that policy from time-to-time. As for my current position, it... Continue Reading →

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