Microsoft Dev Box vs Github Codespaces

One of the exciting announcements coming out of MS Build 2022 was the Microsoft Dev Box.
In an increasingly remote world, where Cloud Computing reigns, it does not make sense anymore to have to own a desktop to be able to perform any intensive development work or have to carry a laptop around that can be used for weights training.

A Dev Box hosted in Azure addresses quite a few challenges that Developer were facing, challenges such as:

  • Underpowered local hardware
  • Fragile Dev Environments
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Security

Now we already know about Github Codespaces, and some of the questions I am hearing are around how is Dev Box different from Codespaces and to answer that question, I am pasting an image below that came from the Developer Velocity session at Build 2022.

Microsoft Dev Box is currently in private preview, use the following link to sign up for it.


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