Welcome Zuni and Goodbye 2020!

Shocked to see that my last blog post was from September. Although I do have 7 unpublished drafts that I did not get to publish, my apologies going MIA on you all.

But I am sure you can all forgive me, when you find out that I have been promoted to a father and that we were blessed with a little bundle of joy that we named Zunairah Samina Aslam.

Zunairah was born on the 29th of September (hence you can see why my last post is from September 😀 ), the joy of her birth was quickly replaced with concern when we were informed that Zuni will need to be in the hospital for 2 weeks for an anti-biotics dose. It was a trying time but we did get home after 2 weeks and tonight my little bundle of joy turns 3 months.

I am sure all of your heard this before multiple times, but nothing can prepare you for this. The moment you carry your little one in your arms, your whole world will shift. I am not talking about the sleepless nights or the boxes of Pampers everywhere but I am talking about how you will suddenly be concerned for someone else. It won’t be about you anymore but about your little bundle of joy all the time, is she sleeping properly, is she breathing normally (trust me this is the scariest), is she gaining the right amount of weight and if you are ready to be a great example for your child or not?. There is sudden surge in appreciation for all parents and your parents specially, you realize that all the times you had thoughts such as “My Parents do not understand” or “My parents are so unfair to me” were so off-point and you start seeing and understanding their perspective.

This year was a trying year for all of humanity and my prayers go out to everyone affected in any shape or form by the COVID-19 pandemic. I was personally blessed to be working with New Signature (now part of Cognizant) during this pandemic who were very supportive and allowed me to take all the time I needed to be there for my wife and little Zuni considering the current climate.

Here is to a much better and bigger 2021, where I hope to wrap up my MBA by the end of it and hopefully a lot more consistent blog posts from me.


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