Set up Linux VMs to use Windows Active Directory.

Are you tired of maintaining local credentials for your linux VMs? Do you have accounts set on your linux machines that the password have not been rotated for like forever... Do you wish maintaining Linux credentials was as easy as Windows Servers? So for this blog post, I am going to show you how you... Continue Reading →

Chef Fluency badge Exam: May 2018 Update

Chef...Chef..Chef!!! Chef has become a must know tool for every infrastructure person in the new DevOps oriented world that we live in. Recently, I got the chance to start working extensively with Chef and I must say it is actually really Fun!! Once you get familiar with all the Kitchen terms (Pun intended), you will... Continue Reading →

New Job, New Era!!

Hello all, Back to July, I left IBM to start a new position with ICF Olson as a Sr.Site Reliability Specialist. A great opportunity and a chance to work with the hottest tech in the industry. I will be updating this blog with some of the work I do along with any other interesting stuff... Continue Reading →

Cortana and Microsoft Edge

Did you know that Microsoft Edge has Cortana built right in?. Are you thinking, how does that help me? well think again. You go to YouTube and are listening to a new song but you are wondering what the actual lyrics are? Well no need to Bing for it, Cortana has it for you. Impressed??... Continue Reading →

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