How to Prepare for a Microsoft Azure Focused Interview?

Introduction As an Azure SME at my current company, I am usually tasked with interviewing new candidates and assessing their Azure Technical skills. When I googled/binged Azure Interview questions, I noticed that there are very few resources for Azure (lots for AWS) and most of them are outdated. As the second largest public Cloud provider... Continue Reading →

A Preparation Guide for AZ-300

  Today,  I took the AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Technologies) and passed with the best score so far in any certification exam I took. As many of you know, AZ-300 is the first exam of the two exams required to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert role. After taking the exam, it seems like the... Continue Reading →

Azure Disks vs AWS EBS

Introduction Talking to different Customers and even Architects in the Cloud Computing world, I noticed that Azure disks seem to have a bad reputation compared to AWS's EBS volumes. There is a lot of chatter of how users tend to experience lots of latency when using Azure disks and experience performance issues that affect their... Continue Reading →

WordPress High Availability

Introduction: High Availability within WordPress is a complex issue. Unlike AEM and SiteCore, WordPress does not have an authoring node in its default design. So the challenge is whenever an author goes to /wp-admin and authors content, how do we make sure all nodes are in sync ? In the past and in some current environments,... Continue Reading →

Azure DevOps Pipeline

So at Ignite last year, there was a lot of talk about Azure DevOps pipeline. It was my first time at Ignite so I was very busy trying to win a Surface table at Mechanics live or taking pictures with my Microsoft heros and did not get a chance to dive deeper into the Azure... Continue Reading →

Guest Lecture at UOIT

Hello all, I had the great opportunity of being invited to give a guest lecture at UOIT on DevOps and Cloud Computing. It was an amazing experience going back to University after 5 years and giving a lecture to the 4th year Software Engineering class, just a few years ago I was sitting in their... Continue Reading →

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